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If you are a fan of virtual pets:Tamagotchi Multiverse

By the way, Let's save the web from being controlled by capitalism. We must be free from our web cages and surf around freely

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<a href="pixelverse47.neocities.org"><img src="https://art.pixilart.com/sr2bda0b16881f2.gif" height="64" width="128"/></a>

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Dusk's End, Nightfall City

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I am now in the Yesterweb Ring! I hope I can contribute to keeping the old web alive. EDIT: I changed the font to Press Start P2




Working on my Vintage turtle custom pet. More updates soon


This is my first announcements. Some parts of this site will be rated A(all ages Example: Oh dear), some will be rated B(8+ Example: Oh crap), while a few will be rated C(12+ Partially bad language Example: Oh sh💩t). Have a nice day